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Create your service catalogue, implement Account Management and vCIO services


Developing your company's productized service catalogue demands more “working on the company” activities than ever before. Without service and service bundle templates, proper education, implementation blueprints and work distribution among the team, it is nearly impossible to keep the pace.

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What Makes us Different?



We believe that education should serve a purpose. We need our investment in education to acquire a skill to do something we've not been able to do before. That is why we designed all our learning materials around services.



The service and academy module is an open platform where you're going to find an ever-growing stack of education, services and service bundles built up by vendors and consulting companies and contributor managed services.



Prebuilt services are great to populate your service catalogue quickly. However we believe that each managed service provider is unique, so we let you fully customize the services and bundles.

Service Catalogue

Select from the hundreds of prebuilt services and add them to your Service Catalogue.

You will find services built around Account Management, vCIO, Infrastructure Management, IT Security, Application Management, Cloud and much more.

Service Marketing

Services have marketing materials attached: MSP eBooks, email sequences, or one of our signature Graders which help find a prospect's pain points and qualifies them for their customized service.

Service Sales

You sell a portfolio of services as Managed Service Provider. Services have unique selling points, and we work with those in a questionnaire and report. Now you can identify and gauge the problems faced by your prospects and find the right service bundle for their needs.

Service Deliverables

Services have deliverables. Activities have to be performed to execute the service: meeting templates, file templates, task lists, tasks and many other elements. These deliverables are listed and can be imported to your PSA.


Pricing and Packaging

One of the biggest challenges managed services providers are facing is the packaging of their ever-evolving services. Neither the a-la-carte nor an all-in-one model works well. We need a uniquely suited solution.

Service Bundles

Services are your LEGO bricks, so Service Bundles are your LEGO buildings. Services are your standard operating procedures and Service bundles represent the products your customers buy from you. You'll set the price for your service bundles.

Unit / Labour based pricing

You have to price consultative services differently than a backup solution, as the latter scales up with your labour while the former scales with the units. We never bother the client with the detailed calculation though, just a price tag and the value.

Productize Projects

Productizing ongoing services is the best way to  sell and deliver services consistently. Productizing typical projects and selling them from your catalogue is ideally suited to win project work after QBRs or annual roadmap meetings.


MSP Academy

Implementing a new service or onboarding a new employee always requires education. The academy helps you to make sure that all skills needed are developed to deliver the new service or orient the new staff.

Various formats

We're all different. Some people need to spend more time learning to get a job done, some just need a procedure to follow, and some need somebody to help. The content is based around implementation processes and extended with courses and live training where necessary.

Personal Roadmaps

A personal roadmap is a great way to assign implementation goals, learning courses or live training  to implement services or to make sure a new employee goes through the necessary materials. Roadmaps are available in the Connectwise Today screen, as well.


Assigning materials to individuals are easy, but making them complete it is harder. We make sure you go through the process so we can check your progress and nudge you along the way. We can also send you reports on how your employees are doing.

Trusted worldwide

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ReframeYourClients is helping to shape the Virtual CIO role in our organization.

Frances Stahl
Fully Managed (CA)

Transitioning to MSP 2.0 helps managed services providers teach the value of IT. ReframeYourClients has helped us come on massively and are always there to help support our decisions.


Richard Harding
Onestop (UK)

If you are looking for someone to guide your business through the big changes happening in the MSP marketplace - Denes is the guy.

Jamie Powter
Rivercity Solutions (AU)


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