Our "Why"

ReframeYourClients was founded in 2013 as a response to a simple observation: technology has created access to so many opportunities for businesses to get more competitive, efficient, and profitable, but neither the end clients nor the IT industry service providers have adapted. There was a chasm between a new level of powerful business enhancement capabilities and their intended users. Only the well-resourced few could take advantage.

This disconnect led Denes Purnhauser to create the vision for the MSP 2.0 business model and to develop Reframe's platform to support it. With our powerful, easy to use, integrated set of applications and methods, service providers can attract, engage and delight customers by delivering MSP 2.0 experiences that are relevant and helpful. They can also differentiate themselves in the industry.

Reframe has taken on the mission to help the world leverage more technology more powerfully, one business transformation after another.

Road to the ReframeYourClients

Our story started around 2007. Our innovative group invested in our former MSP, and integrated with our holding company.
We recognized our challenge was that while clients always need IT consultancy in general, we didn’t have a working model to deliver it properly and profitably. We tried incorporating the consultancy with the MSP package, as well as on Time and Material basis - and found them unviable.

The pressure was on as we were witnessing the evaporation of whole services in our MSP practice. As the disconnect grew in both complexity of IT business opportunities and the end-user’s resulting need for professional IT services, client demand shifted toward IT management, vCIO, and third-party-project management types of work.

At first our sales were not stellar, so we developed a checklist questionnaire. It was designed to find how to better express the value offered in our services and to set the stage for prospects. We’re asking questions we know companies aren’t, but should, about their business IT, and display what we knew they’re lacking. Then we’re ready to deliver a complete bridge for the gap between them and the opportunities of the new IT.

We put a lot of work into developing a compelling and informative questionnaire, with analyzed scores in many subjects. We structured the questions using several different methodologies, enlisted a university and some other IT companies as well. We eventually identified 7 building blocks to classify the questions. As far as the name is concerned, we noticed most of the building blocks started with the letter C, spent some time brainstorming C-words, and now it’s called "7C."

When we started to send this to prospects and clients, it was a game-changer. We continued to develop by creating some software around the questionnaire to support the analysis and other corollary materials.

Everybody loved how it was crafted in business terms, and commented that it demystified IT. It collects and communicates all the necessary actions we need to deliver to the 40-200 seat companies..

ReframeYourClients is born

We’ve been a part of the MSP community since 2011. We got a lot of interest all along in our questionnaire, sales method, vCIO services, and IT consultancy.

In 2013, at the Autotask Conference, Mark Cattini, CEO of Autotask encouraged us to bring our concept to the marketplace, claiming MSPs needed this badly.

And though we’re running so many projects at once (we’re starting a pure MSP 2.0 company in Canada with no local managed services provider resources), this project always has been our core concept.

Back from the conference we made a decision, spun off from the MSP and started to focus on creating the product.

Along the way, Autotask, GFI, and many vendors saw an opportunity with what we were trying to do. Both of them supported us in a big way and we wouldn’t have been able to move so quickly forward without them. It’s been wonderful to have the support of these two awesome companies!

Everything began with this story. We wanted to share our questionnaire, the scoring, the model, the pricing, and the packaging with the MSP community

The MSP 2.0 movement

At the end of 2013, we’d created the Minimum Viable Product for the concept. Many IT managed services providers started to use it and gave valuable feedback. It took another year to polish the methodology and product and start to create the accompanying education and support.

Now the movement is growing rapidly and we have partners all over the world. The MSP 2.0 movement is here, and we’re ready and eager to see how far it’ll go!


Trusted worldwide

Below is where you can show off some of your clients and testimonials from customers.

MSPs have become more of a commodity than a valued service. By moving to an MSP 2.0 model we are able to show more value across the whole business and increase sales through a consultative sales process. ReframeYourClients has helped us build a rock solid sales process that truly brings value to the client from the very first meeting.


Jeremy Heslop

Omni Technology Professionals (US)

My clients are…looking for guidance on how to strategically use technology to gain a competitive advantage without spending an arm and a leg. ReframeYourClients is providing all the tools and coaching needed to get my business up and running without the need to recreate the wheel. ReframeYourClients is getting me started faster than I could have on my own.


Erica Cole
Cole Technology Group (US)

The biggest challanges IT managed services providers are facing is how to move from a break fix business model to a subscription model, and how to earn money when everything is moving from inhouse in to the cloud. Reframing helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client.


Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)

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