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Deliver your Account Management, vCIO or any consultative services with high level of automation

Virtual CIO Services are all about delivering high level, high-touch IT services your clients need and want. In order for this to be a scalable operation it has to be a service with clearly defined deliverables, processes, and best practices. The Virtual CIO needs the proper tools to collaborate, communicate and engage the client executives. The result will be a profitable and scalable service with enduring customer satisfaction.



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What Makes Us Different?

client facing platform


The vCIO service has to be very tangible as well as transparent to the client. Collaboration and communication also need to be lean and efficient to save the client time and money.  The module has a client facing application where we build IT concepts and strategies, manage projects, deal with policies, meetings, memos, and so on.  It’s vital that the client sees exactly the deliverables and the value we are bringing to them.

bast practice to scale


The Virtual CIO needs a very lean work strategy.  Best practices like budgeting, strategy creation, IT policies, reporting etc. should be streamlined.  All the annual, quarterly, monthly and even weekly processes should be defined and supported.  All the project based work, documentation, and service implementation support must be in place to make the service scalable.

management and collaboration


It's important that the vCIO is a resource that we as owners can control, set goals for, and make accountable.  He or she has a big impact and influence on our clients, and so must be able to collaborate effectively with our MSP team and other IT service providers.  The platform support is designed to ensure a high level of accountability and communication to optimize the effectiveness of the vCIO. 


Implementing vCIO services is one of the most challenging elements of the entire vCIO role:  new clients, new services, new resources. The streamlined onboarding and implementation process helps you bring a very tangible and remarkable user experience.  Using consultative best practices will ensure the client feels comfortable and puts you firmly in the role of trusted advisor.


There are Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and even Weekly cycles. Duties are imported from the Service Agreement into the beginning of the cycle. When finished, you clean up the task lists and lingering specific tasks, then close the cycle. Most time-management methodologies like GTD (Get Things Done) or First Things First (Franklin Covey) employ the same technique: enhancing focus and reducing clutter.


A leader of an MSP will want to see the work of many vCIOs across the entire client base, whereas a vCIO may want to see related activities of all his clients, or just those of a given client. A project member will want to see the overview of the given project only. These four different levels of overview (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly) are designed to reduce complexity and increase focus.


Every Month a compliance report can be produced based on all open and closed duties. This enables internal performance management, client reporting as well as any type of compliance reporting. It can lead to more training of the vCIO, changes in the agreement or adjustment of the established processes.


vCIO Service Agreement

The vCIO Contract defines the specific vCIO elements you deliver to each client. It allows you to precisely customize your packages to their specific need, yet without sacrificing standardization, and gives the ability to tailor service items for company size, number of departments and managers, and the volume of projects they want you to manage.


Multiple services are available...from IT Strategy Planning, through to Execution, Project Management, and various Training modules. Each service is well defined, detailing required resources (hours, etc.), education, meeting agendas, task lists, specific file templates, and all with step-by-step process guides. You have everything you need to put together the optimal package for each client.


The Service Package Bundle is your starting point, but then of course each client needs some customization. For example they may need only quarterly application training - not monthly, but in four locations - not one. These are easily adjusted to suit the particular needs of each client.


The Contract gathers all required items from Services, including scope, overview, and frequency. Once you create your Master Agreement form you can print out the Legal Agreement right from the application. The monthly SOW can also be printed out, so the compliance component is ready for invoicing.


vCIO Ongoing and Project Workspaces

The vCIO is not a technical but rather a business resource. PSA applications are wired neither for client-facing work nor for consultative jobs, which makes those client-facing, ongoing and project workspaces so popular among managed services providers and clients working together. All the strategies, plans and policies are in one place, together with meeting memos, project schedules and all discussions and collaboration throughout them.


Let's imagine you’re starting a Quarter. You close out your duties for the last Quarter and the system sends the report to the client automatically. Now you can start a new Quarter with all task lists - those tasks prescribed for that period as per your agreement. Now your Workspace contains all the duties you (or the client) are responsible for. This is a living and breathing environment fueled by collaboration and clarity.


Let’s keep the ongoing activities and projects as lean as possible.  The CEO, internal resources, and vendors should collaborate in the same platform.  Leverage automations and email, and use PSA integration (Connectwise and Autotask) to boost your productivity and visibility to your clients. There are ongoing and project based workspaces available for these activities.


Clients don't have to log in to the system if they don't want to. All their assignments, discussions and updates land in their inbox as active elements. Their responses to these are automatically parsed and stored in the right place. This leads to quick adoption and prevents misalignment issues, unnecessary meetings and wasted reports.

Trusted worldwide

Below is where you can show off some of your clients and testimonials from customers.

Without Reframe we would be making it up as we go and delivering ad-hoc. It's like project management office for your vCIO delivery.

Bruce Penson - Prodrive IT

Roy Solterbeck

IT Intellect (AU)

The MSP 2.0 vCIO platform is more than a tool.  It's a big step forward in understanding the need to reframe your customers so their business can succeed with technology.

Geno Frattini

Green Dot Active Solutions (US)

MSP 2.0 Virtual CIO is a game-changer, it makes us better than other IT managed services providers in our market. With ReframeYourClients, we deliver more value to our clients, and it's fun!
Wouter Mertens - Expro IT

Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)




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