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Conduct effective IT Strategy Roadmaps, Quarterly Business Reviews or Discovery Meetings

Service Discovery is a revolution in the way you offer technology solutions. Instead of speeds and feeds, bring rock solid business solutions that help your clients gain a competitive advantage for their business. The result? More sales with your new and existing clients.



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What Makes Us Different?



A comprehensive infographic-style report is generated from the analysis, and available in several languages. You're able to highlight areas you think are most relevant, and add your suggestions and notes. All of this can be completed in under an hour in an interactive workshop with your clients.


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Based on the answers given, you’ll be able to identify and present the missing elements as opportunities. All opportunities have matching project and service pairings, which means a solution roadmap can be generated quickly and easily. It not only saves time, but boosts sales, enables your delivery people, and keeps you and your clients on the same page.



Based on our integration with Connectwise you can use the complete module from within your favourite PSA. Your Account Managers or Sales Executives don't have to leave your PSA - they can just click the tab inside Connectwise to bring up our plug-in without skipping a beat.

Discovery Process

Having a proper discovery process makes a huge difference: the client experience is improved, you save time internally, and accountability is maximized. A great way to build a solid, predictable sales pipeline is to standardize and automate an account management, vCIO and consultative sales process.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Technical Account Managers and Account Managers need to manage their client engagement through finding opportunities and offering various solutions. Having a detailed and proven process with an engaging toolset is vital to staying competitive and building business every day.

IT Strategy Roadmaps

Your service portfolio, like your client needs and opportunities, is evolving all the time. Having a regular annual IT Strategy Roadmap process helps you elevate your conversation and become a real trusted advisor. 

Needs Assessments

After a first meeting, the next step is usually a deeper discovery. We can conduct needs assessments on various areas, like traditional MSP services, IT Security services, vCIO services or even application management services.


Questionnaire Engine

Although we have developed various distinct questionnaires for different situations, we always suggest that your customize these to your needs. The questionnaire engine is flexible, easy to use and allows you to connect the questionnaire to your service catalogue. This enables you to craft the questions during the discovery to lead your prospects and clients to the services in your catalogue.

White Labeled

The questionnaire shows up to your clients running on your website, with your logo and business identity. You simply embed a little code to make it happen. After the questionnaire they can be redirected to your blog, share their experience in social media and so on.

Easy to Deploy

The questionnaire can be sent out from the system with any of the email templates. You can also create a link to share (with your URL) and email the prospect or client, or use a blank questionnaire and have the contact information captured on completion. It’s a great way to share your benchmark in social media.

Fully Customizable

You're able to customize the report, the scoring, the services, questions, statements and even the definitions of roles completing the questionnaire. The questions in the questionnaire are synced to your service catalog, so as your service portfolio grows, your questionnaires grow with them.


Reports and Dashboards

Create a highly visual, straightforward, customized report based on your findings before the QBR, IT Strategy Roadmap or a Needs Assessment. Highlight, comment and analyze the scores. Use the Benchmark and multiple score comparisons to give the results more meaning. Learn from the in-context Hints and Tips section to discover your potential service offerings. Also, use the driver questions to explore provocative and challenging consultative ideas, to find hidden traps, potential threats and non-obvious opportunities.

Infographics Style

Highlight the scores in several ways: mark the answers in which you see potential, or tag the answers you'd like to discuss in more detail. Override the score if you feel the answer was not appropriate, and mark that too. 


Let the client comment on the questions during the completion - you’ll only get more insight. You can also put your thoughts into your comment section to express your concerns, advice, or opinion. All such notes can be shown in the infographic report.

Choose the format

If you need a deeper analysis of the problem you can use the interactive Report Overview in the tool. If you want to distribute a handout, use the PDF 3-page reports. For a more fully documented report choose the 14-page PDF report. Same data - different views.

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Here's why our Members love us:

Pro Drive has secured two new clients with whom we engaged using the ReframeYourClients discovery process. Both work with blue chip clients themselves and found the business focus approach the ReframeYourClients process encourages to be refreshing and insightful. One prospect even ceased discussions with competitive suppliers having been through the Reframe process.
Bruce Penson  - Prodrive IT

 Bruce Penson

Prodrive IT (UK)

ITCq and the 7C canvas forces us out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.
Wouter Mertens  - Expro IT

Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)

The ITCq allows us to identify areas of need and engage in more meaningful conversations across all aspects of our client's business, not just IT management. The IT management canvas has been an invaluable tool in visualizing a client's business in a simple way. Creating an action plan visually is very helpful.

Jeremy Heslop - OmniTechPro

Jeremy Heslop

OmniTechPro (US)



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