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Differentiate yourself and communicate your value effectively in-person or on your MSP website

All MSPs sound the same, so let's differentiate your communication. Talk business rather than tech on the website and during the first meeting. Qualify, educate and present your services in an engaging way. Use your website to capture more leads, and find pain points on the first meeting with our online scoring system known as Graders.


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So What Makes Us Different?

quickly implementable lead magnet


Including the widgets in your website literally takes 5 minutes. No big hairy long projects are necessary - just include the items into your existing webpages, and enjoy the show.


Relevant Marketing Content


Presidents within your target market don’t care about the features of Office 365. Their duty is to run a profitable business. The content has to be relevant and engaging for your audience in order to show you are an effective leader whom one would be wise to follow.

MSP 2.0 Marketing Library


The library of Graders, MSP eBooks, and Campaigns allows your other managed services providers, vendors or even marketing specialists to create content you can include in your MSP marketing funnel. The customizable functionality is limitless.

Smart Lead Magnets

Smart lead magnets are the tools working to capture your audience and create the vital database of leads. There is a wide selection to make sure we don’t miss any opportunity to let visitors sign up. The offerings come from a library you set, and the performance is measured, so you can keep your best performing offers and types of magnets.


A little bar at the top of the page to capture and drive attention to your content, assessment, or subscription. It’s smart because it can shuffle the offers, hide them if they’re not needed, and handle the lead capturing.


Yes, they’re a bit invasive, but the most effective converting element pops up after a couple of minutes and offers the visitor a relevant top-of-the-funnel offer. The smart part of this is that it pops up only once a month, and can offer sign-up for different assets in your service stack.


A little box sliding from the side when the visitor scrolls down slightly. This is smart enough to promote your blog, or manage the subscription to your eBook, or even start a Grader.


MSP Grader Library

Graders are little pop-up questionnaires capturing and qualifying leads. The result of answering the Grader a published report, customized MSP eBook, and advice about the given subject. The goal is to engage the visitor and offer them relevant and compelling content.


There is a whole library of different Graders waiting for you to leverage. You can also create your own Grader which you can share across the community. The library shows the results and conversations on the given Graders.


You can control everything on the Grader. The thank you page, the questions, the advice, the call to action, pictures, links, and even videos can be included. Everything is yours to customize!


You just need to design the call-to-action button, copy the script, and embed it into your website where you think it’ll get clicked. When the client does so, you capture the lead. It’s that simple.


Engaging First Meetings 

You can’t make the first impression twice. You have one shot to engage the prospect during your first visit. Earn trust through competence, efficiency, education and by asking the right questions. The key is a qualifying mini-discovery, qualification and needs assessment.

Score and qualify

The graders can be used in advance, sent out before the first meeting. It gives you the opportunity to pre-qualify the prospect before the meeting and to prepare with various tactics for the session. Low scores direct you to traditional infrastructure focus, while higher scores  suggest you talk to a more mature audience from the start.

Find pain points and educate

The answers to the mini questionnaire generate a report, which identifies the pain points and the recommendations regarding each. It gives you a perfect introduction into learning the needs of the client, unveiling hidden issues, and presenting your company in a compelling way.

Secure the next step

Based on their score and your qualification there is always a next step you can recommend. If the problems are visible, solve with a project. If they're shopping around, do an IT Roadmap. If they need more higher-level help, do an IT Security or vCIO needs assessment as a next step in the MSP marketing funnel.

Trusted worldwide

Below is where you can show off some of your clients and testimonials from customers.

ReframeYourClients gives us the ability to quickly create some marketable material and drive clients to want to meet with us.
Roy Solterbeck - IT Intellect

Roy Solterbeck
IT Intellect (AU)

Having the right content at my fingertips and implementing it in seconds changed the game with our marketing.
Nathan Odegard - Heroic Technologies

Nathan Odegard
Heroic Technologies (US)

By using the grader and the marketing library we are able to start a marketing funnel more easily instead of having to generate our own.
Jeremy Heslop - AGJ Systems

Jeremy Heslop

OmniTechPro (US)



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