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This is the future of Managed Services. The platform helps you start with a benchmark then plan and execute a continuous improvement cycle for your customers. The Connectwise integration nicely brings the whole process into Connectwise so you can work the same processes that you do today with projects and agreements. The MSP service delivery platform is more than a tool. It's a big step forward in understanding the need to reframe your customers so their business can succeed with technology.

Geno Frattini
Green Dot Active Solutions (US)

ReframeYourClients has helped us build a rock-solid sales process that truly brings value to the client from the very first meeting. In the next 5 to 10 years IT managed services providers will have to focus on bringing business value with more than just behind-the-scenes IT management. By integrating MSP 2.0 vCIO services IT companies can provide more value and be an integral part of the full business, not just a single vendor.
Jeremy Heslop - OmniTechPro

Jeremy Heslop

OmniTechPro (US)

ReframeYourClients is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that ReframeYourClients system is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving.
Nick Stevens - Heroic Technologies

Nick Stevens 

Heroic Technologies (US)


ReframeYourClients is really awesome; by delivering great tools which are getting better and better month by month, by delivering a great framework with all the needed templates, examples and course material, and last but not least by delivering great coaching.
Wouter Mertens  - Expro IT

Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)

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