The traditional MSP model is undergoing a fundamental disruption: with no real differentiation among providers and vendors going direct, clients no longer value the services as they once did. 

MSP 2.0 Model

MSP 1.0 vs MSP 2.0

Most managed services providers are realizing the value now is not in the ‘tech’ part of IT, but the management arena.


Based on this, how can we put together a solid offering?


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What’s different between the MSP 1.0 and MSP 2.0 models?

MSP 1.0 vs. MSP 2.0
MSP 1.0 icon
MSP 2.0 Virtual CIO

MSP 1.0
  • Focus on technology
  • Managing IT Infrastructure
  • Generating leads - through referrals
  • Selling with network assessment
  • Delivery of MSP as a service
  • Susceptible to current disruption

MSP 2.0
  • Focus on business value
  • Management of IT
  • Generating demand - with thought leadership
  • Selling with business assessment
  • Delivery of a distinct and separate vCIO service
  • Current disruption is an opportunity
MSP book

MSP 2.0 - The Managed IT Services Revolution

"Comprehensive guide to 
build up the next generation of IT service companies"

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"The ideas shared in this book would be valuable to any MSP business that wants to understand how to stay ahead of the changes coming in the IT service sector and not get left behind."
Richard Tubb

Pioneers are driving growth with the MSP 2.0 platform


Small MSPs

Geno Frattini - Green Dot Active Solutions

" While reviewing the ITCq, one of our clients remarked "You're the only consultant who’s come here and asked us what we do and actually wants to know how we do it. Good stuff! I'm excited! "

Geno Frattini, Green Dot Active Solutions (US)

Mid size MSPs

Bruce Penson - Pro Drive IT

" Denes has some very innovative and effective methodologies that we have employed successfully to help grow our business. He is incredibly passionate in helping IT Managed Service Providers grow. "

Bruce Penson, Pro Drive IT (UK)

Mature MSPs

Wouter Mertens - Expro IT

" Reframing helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. ITCq and the 7C canvas forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT. "

Wouter Mertens, Expro IT (NL)
Nick Stevens - Heroic Technologies

" ReframeYourClients is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the ReframeYourClients system is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving. "

Nick Stevens, Heroic Technologies (US)
Roy Solterbeck - Intellect Information Technology

" I have been working with Denes on MSP 2.0. He’s making me think through things that I know I should have, but haven't had the right process to do it and/or it was too big to swallow. We’re part way through the process, but so far so good. "

Roy Solterbeck, Intellect Information Technology (AU)
Frances Stahl - Fully Managed

" ReframeYourClients is helping to shape the Virtual CIO role in our organization. 


Frances Stahl, Fully Managed (CA)
Jeremy Heslop - OmniTechPro

" ReframeYourClients has helped us build a rock solid sales process that truly brings value to the client from the very first meeting. In the next 5-10 years MSPs will have to focus on bringing business value with more than just behind the scenes IT management. By integrating MSP 2.0 Virtual CIO services, managed services providers can provide more value and be an integral part of the full business, not just a single vendor. "

Jeremy Heslop, OmniTechPro (US)
Richard Harding - Onestop

" Transitioning to MSP 2.0 helps MSP's to teach the value of IT. ReframeYourClients has helped us come on massively and are always there to help support our decisions. The coaches and the other panelists are great. There is always a good laugh and everyone is helpful. I really enjoy the group coaching sessions. ReframeYourClients is pretty awesome. "

Richard Harding, Onestop (UK)
BJ Farmer - CITOC

" The ReframeYourClients framework Denes provides is the most comprehensive and pivotal training available to managed service providers searching to move up the solution stack to address business challenges their clients need to grow their business using technology tools. "

BJ Farmer, CITOC (US)

MSP 2.0 is spreading all over the world.

ReframeYourClients World Map

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